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Business Management

Areas of Practice


Billing and Collections

You may have started your dream business but feel lost in the billing and financial aspect. We are here to help. We can have our experts bill out all your invoices or train your staff to do so. We will find the newest and most comprehensive technology to help make your billing needs seamless. We are experts in collecting on outstanding bills. Give us all your unpaid invoices and we will collect as much as possible.


Lalare has consultants for every aspect of business. Financial, marketing, licencing, profitability. We can pair you with a consultant that will walk you through step by step how to implement improvements which will streamline any problem you may be facing.

Human RESources 

Employees are the faces of the businesses they represent. Lalare will compile the most qualified candidates and do all necessary do diligence. Taking into account personality and strengths we can assemble a whole new team or find that one missing person you need. Lalare can help train your existing staff to adhere to the new business plans. We are confident we can enhance your business productivity by training or adding to your workforce. 

Strategy and Direction

Lalare will devise a strategy to propel your business forward, weather its struggling or just feeling a little stagnant. Our direction will make your business more relevant in your field allowing all potential customers to see you. Thorough research on competitors Lalare will reveal where there are holes in the market where you can make your niche. We want to see you become a leader in your field.   


Correctly marketing can bring huge profits to a business. Using all available online resources like google and Facebook adds, along with search engine optimization can drive consumers to your business. Lalare experts will make a marketing plan that will utilize these techniques to give your business a kick start it needs. 


Payroll and accounting services is a full time job. Let us take that responsibility off your plate., Allow Lalare to manage employee payroll and payment. We will implement high tech ways of tracking employee hours and setting up direct deposit for your employees.