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Property management

Property Management.

Areas of Practice


Rental Advertising 

 Marketing your rental properly can make all the difference in its performance. Lalare will put your rental on all prominent housing sites, use google and Facebook ads along with personal marketing with realtors in the area. We'll use technology and experience to entice the best candidates as tenants and make sure your properties are always occupied and profitable. 



Looking for potentially profitable rental properties? Real estate experts who study the market will advise on the most desirable and profitable locations meeting the needs of the large scale investor or a smaller investor looking for their first rental property.Our experts will negotiate and acquire the properties for the best possible price in an optimal location for greatest value and equity.

RENTAL managEment

Managing rental properties is a full time commitment, we want to be there from start to finish. From finding a manager or superintendent for large apartments complexes or a designated lei son for smaller units. Arranging move-ins and move-outs, evictions, rent collection, clean ups, lease signing.  Day to day operations and management of personal, rental, and commercial properties. 24 hour a day availability for emergency service calls. Quick and reliable professionals who can handle any type of request and repair. 

personal property management

Clients who have personal properties which need management are a large portion of Lalare clientele. Often living overseas or have homes in other locals need to be sure their properties are well maintained when they are away. Lalare will ensure outdoor and indoor maintenance, security and maintenance calls and emergencies. Your home will be cared for and welcoming when you return. 


Commercial properties have very specific needs, Keeping up with them will ensure the health of your business and that of your tenants. From snow removal, outdoor maintenance, repairs and service calls. Assisting in all aspects of commercial rentals including signage and property buildout. Rent collection and service calls. Lalare has experience will large strip malls to small store fronts as well as finding great property for business looking for a place to call home. 


Lalare manages vacation rentals all over the US. our staff will find short or long term rentals for your vacation property. We will place adds on all web advertisers to optimize the price you receive for your rental. From a grand beach house on the water, to a city loft getaway. Lalare will take the best care of your property. Facilitating check in and outs, along with cleaning services. We aspire to make your Vacation property a hit! You'll never have to worry when your property is in our hands.